How Much “Technical” Stuff Do I Need to Know?

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When it comes to the LEED Green Associate exam, how much technical information do you really need to know?

For the LEED Green Associate Exam, you have to be familiar with the technical material as it pertains to helping your team make decisions and managing your LEED projects. You should be familiar with LEED credit requirements and what’s generally involved in achieving the points. Knowing this information is not only important for passing the exam, you must have this knowledge to manage your LEED projects.

When I studied for the exam, I was overwhelmed at the thought of reading the entire LEED 2009 Reference Guide. (Just the size of the Reference Guide is pretty darned overwhelming!) Sure the details are ALL there, but there’s such a thing as too much information. The details in the LEED Reference Guide are more for the LEED AP exam.

 I found the USGBC “summary” of LEED 2009 credits extremely helpful: LEED 2009 Reference “Summary” * This shorter guide was essential. It gave me an overview and enough information to understand what was involved with each of the credits. When I needed more detailed information, I referred to the big reference guide.

Bottom line is that you have to be familiar with the credits — but you’re not expected to know the really technical stuff.

Sherry Bonelli, LEED Green Associate

*(c) USGBC, used with permission

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    Sherry B., LEED Green Associate

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