SECRET! You Can Submit FIVE Innovation in Design (ID) Credits for Review


For LEED 2.2 projects, most people know that you can receive a maximum of four points for IDC 1: Innovation in Design. What many people don’t know is that you have the opportunity to apply for a total of five IDC 1 credits. Here’s how it works:

You can attempt a maximum of four IDC 1 credits at one time. To increase your chances of getting the most ID points as possible, you should submit all four ID credits for the design review if you can.

 Then, if one of your ID 1 credits is denied during the design review phase, you can either:

  • Modify and revise the denied ID 1 credit based on the reviewer’s comments and resubmit to LEED Online for the final design/clarification review. (If the ID credit is denied again you can choose to appeal.)    

             – OR –

  •  Since you attempted four ID points but were only awarded three of the four ID points, you can get rid of that denied “fourth” ID credit and replace it with a new “fifth” ID Credit. (Think of this fifth ID credit as a “do-over” – an extra way for you to try to get the maximum 4 ID points for your LEED project.) 

To submit your new ID credit, complete an ID credit template with your new ID approach and upload/save to LEED Online for construction review.

NOTE: You can submit the new ID credit for the final design/clarification review, but it would only receive that one review and would need to be appealed if denied.  I would suggest waiting until the construction review phase so your new ID credit will receive two rounds of reviews.

Bottom Line: When it comes to ID Credits, planning ahead is crucial. Work with your LEED project team to come up with at least one extra ID Credit idea for your LEED project – just in case you need to take advantage of back-up LEED ID Credit #5!

Sherry Bonelli, LEED Green Associate

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