Play Around On LEED Online


Explore LEED Online for Yourself!
LEED Online is the heart and soul of a LEED project. It is where you and your team will spend the majority of your time as you work on and manage your project.

Understanding LEED Online’s interface and capabilities is extremely helpful as you study for the LEED Green Associate exam. If you haven’t actually been a part of a LEED project, it is difficult to try and visualize what LEED Online actually looks like:

• What does the LEED Online scorecard look like?
• How do you fill out LEED credit templates?
• What roles can be assigned in the Team Administration page and how are those roles managed?
• How are templates submitted for review?
• How do you assign template responsibilities?
• Where do you upload supporting documentation?
• And MUCH more!

Don’t despair if you’re not one of the lucky ones who have actually worked on a LEED project, because now anyone can explore LEED Online!

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