More Green Building Myths….

As promised – here are some more LEED and green building myths and realities:

Myth 3: Green building products are hard to find.
Reality: A few years ago, this was probably a true statement. However, with the incredible growth of the green building movement, more and more companies are producing products that are in line with LEED green building requirements. Today there are hundreds – if not thousands – of green building products.

If you’re searching for green products for your LEED building project, check out Building Green, Inc. Building Green publishes two comprehensive directories (GreenSpec and Green Building Products) with performance data and contact information on the many green products on the market.

Myth 4: To build green you have to register and go through a green building program or third-party certification.
Reality: Green Globes and the U.S. Green Building Council’s LEED certification programs are great ways to increase and improve your building’s performance, sustainability and marketability, but you don’t necessarily have to get involved with these programs to build green. The reality is that getting a building LEED certified simply isn’t in the budget for many owners.

Remind your clients that you don’t have to go through the entire certification process to build green. You can use Green Globes and the USGBC’s LEED certification guidelines and concepts as a guide for your green building project. Discuss the various options with your clients and together you can pick and choose what green-friendly building elements to include in your green building project.

Any green building concepts that you incorporate into your building project is a great first step toward building green.

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