Explore LEED Online — See What It’s All About…

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LEED Online is the heart and soul of a LEED project. It is where you and your team will spend the majority of your time as you work on and manage your project.

Understanding LEED Online’s interface and capabilities is extremely helpful as you study for the LEED Green Associate exam. If you haven’t actually been a part of a LEED project, it is difficult to try and visualize what LEED Online actually looks like:

• What does the LEED Online scorecard look like?
• How do you fill out LEED credit templates?
• What roles can be assigned in the Team Administration page and how are those roles managed?
• How are templates submitted for review?
• How do you assign template responsibilities?
• Where do you upload supporting documentation?
• And MUCH more!

Don’t despair if you’re not one of the lucky ones who have actually worked on a LEED project, because now anyone can explore LEED Online!

Experience LEED Online TODAY!

I know how important being familiar with LEED Online is to passing the LEED Green Associate Exam. So for a limited time I’m allowing people to gain access to our LEED 2009 project and LEED Online. Think of it as your opportunity to “play” and experiment with LEED Online – it’s almost like having your own LEED Online sandbox!

You’ll receive an official invitation to join the LEED project as a Project Team Manager – so you’ll have the same rights as the Team Administrator. You’ll have unlimited access to LEED Online for 90 days where you will experience firsthand what it’s like to manage roles, assign credits, review and fill out credit templates, etc. You’ll be able to explore all aspects of LEED online. Go ahead — play around with the LEED templates, practice assigning roles, check out LEED online help, and much more.

Sign up for your 90-day pass today!

LEED Online 90-Day Access Pass $35.00*


A Few Practical Things to Keep In Mind

You must have a USGBC site user account in order to gain access to LEED Online. USGBC site user registration is free – visit www.USGBC.org.

By signing up to join the project, you agree to the following terms and conditions:

LEED Online project login information is for a single-user only and cannot be shared with others. Only the person who signed up and was invited to the project may login to LEED Online. You may not invite others to join the project team.

You may not change any Registration Details, Contact Info or Additional Contacts information. You are not allowed to copy, duplicate or redistribute any information contained on LEED Online.

Multiple members will have access to the LEED project, so any changes that you make to templates and other items online may, at any time, be overwritten, deleted or changed by other members.

Violators of these terms will be immediately removed from the project. No refunds. Terms and conditions may change at any time and without notice. Participating in this LEED project does not count towards the LEED project experience prerequisite, but it will give you an incredible advantage when taking the exam.

Most of the LEED project invitations are sent out within 1-6 hours after you register, but since all of the invitations are manually reviewed and processed, it can take up to 24 hours to receive your LEED 2009 project invitation.

SAMPLE WEP 1 Template

LEED Online WP 1 Water Use Reduction – 20% Template Sample


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