Want Access to LEEDOnline.com for FREE? I Need Your Help….


I’m working on a video tutorial on how to use LEEDOnline.com. I’m looking for Architectures, Mechanical Engineers, Landscape Designers, Electrical Engineers, Contractors, etc. to fill in the sample templates on my sample LEED project — so I can use those templates as examples in my video tutorial.

If you’d like to get practice filling out real LEED project templates and getting first-hand experience working in the LEEDOnline.com environment, please e-mail me at sherry @ succeedatleed.com and tell me a little bit about your background (electrical engineer, construction, mechanical engineer, etc.)

I don’t want you to add any proprietary information about projects you’re actually working on (so don’t include any actual client info) — I’m just looking for sample filled-out templates to show in my video tutorial.

Thanks in advance for your help!

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