HURRY! Special Offer Expires June 26, 2012…Get Your Free LEED EBOM Readiness Review — and Unlimited Access to

| 0 comments is offering an incredible deal! If you purchase a annual membership for $99.95, you’ll not only receive your first 30 days of membership free, you’ll also get LEEDUser’s brand new LEED EBOM readiness review (normally $79) FREE. provides detailed guidance for every available credit in each of the major commercial rating systems—NC, CI, CS, EBOM and Schools, including a flow chart diagrams for achieving the credit, along with specific action steps.

I’ve been a member of for more than a year now, and is a fantastic resource! The site provides you with detailed information on how to meet the key LEED credit-specific challenges you must prepare your project team for:

•          LEED templates

•          Detailed LEED project checklists

•          Actual LEED credit language that you can use for your LEED project

•          Links to useful LEED tools

•          For each credit provides an interactive forum with advice delivered by guest experts

If you sign up for a membership, here are few features of the FREE LEED EBOM report that you will find useful:

• Credit-by-credit achievement rates, based on data supplied by the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) for 483 certified LEED-EBOM 2009 projects. (Note that data is not shown for prerequisites, which have 100% achievement among certified projects.)

• Icons showing common features of LEED credits and prerequisites to watch out for, such as heavy documentation burdens and complications with multi-tenant projects.

• A list of questions to help you evaluate your project building’s readiness for LEED-EBOM.

• A diagram for each credit and prerequisite giving a quick visual read on requirements and action steps. These diagrams also note opportunities for Exemplary Performance (EP)—earning an extra point through IOc1.

Here’s a sample of a LEED EBOM report page:

LEED Article 6.23.12 EBOM

With a 93 percent renewal rate, LEEDUser membership is mission critical tool for both individuals and project teams.

Sign up for today with a credit card and get 30 days’ free, unlimited access to LEEDuser. You may cancel anytime during the trial period and owe nothing, but I feel confident you’ll see the extraordinary value and continue with a one-year membership billed at just $99.95.

But but remember — this offer expires Tuesday, June 26.

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