Find LEED Building Products that Will Help You Get LEED Credits for Your Project


Find LEED Green Building Products Easily

Now you can easily find LEED green building products with these tools

Sometimes it can be difficult to find green building products that are appropriate for your LEED project. (For instance, for one of my LEED projects the contractor selected a non-LEED approved paint – so we weren’t able to achieve points that should’ve easily been achieved…)

Luckily for LEED professionals, there are several green building product databases that help you find green building products that will benefit your LEED project. Not only do these green building sites feature a wide range of green building products and materials, but most also give you an indication as to which LEED credits a product will help you achieve by using them.


EcoScorecard is a web-based tool that helps architects, designers, contractors and LEED project managers measure the environmental impact of products and materials against major environmental rating systems, such as LEED, CHPS, REGREEN, Green Globes and the Green Guide for Healthcare on a credit-by-credit basis. Manufacturers pay to be listed on EcoScorecard, so you can search its database of participating green building manufacturers for free.

EcoScorecard helps to reduce the time you spend researching and documenting green building products. The EcoScorecard tool allows you to search a manufacturer’s green product catalogs and find the product that meets your LEED project’s needs.

The software provides documentation for the submission process for LEED and other environmental rating systems and allows you to make informed green building product decisions easier. EcoScorecard works with each manufacturer to keep data up-to-date and relevant to the user.

Find out more information about EcoScorecard by watching the EcoScorecard Informational Video: helps you find products that can help you achieve credits for your project’s LEED Certification. has a database of green building product reviews. These products are reviewed by LEED professionals, who use their LEED rating system knowledge predict which credits the products might help you earn. The database can be sorted by LEED credit category, so you can easily find products to fit your project’s specific needs.

BuildingGreen: GreenSpec

GreenSpec is’s guide that lists more than 2,200 green building products. These products are listed in the GreenSpec guide if they meet the guidelines described in Environmental Building News, which is’s publication. GreenSpec editors choose the products that are featured in the guide.

On, LEED professionals can search for the GreenSpec-listed products specifically based on the LEED credit they are trying to achieve. This is a helpful tool as you’re managing your LEED projects.

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